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Local and International Support for Open Banking

From business concept to volume production and Internationalisation, our unique services are available to support all Participants on their Open Banking journey.

Some of the best known and most innovative names in the Open Banking world trust us to support them in their achievements.

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What is a ‘Good’ Ecosystem?

We believe a number of key principles underpin an excellent ecosystem.
There are in total around a dozen, but for example:


Essential for users to
come on board, but
also for participants to
invest in an ecosystem.

Ease of use

It must be easy for users to
handle services, but also
easy for participants to
engage with and launch
ecosystem services.


The ecosystem and all its
participants must have
support to ensure services
are available, issues

Although the exact profile can vary from one region to another, the same
principles always apply.

Our process ensures the principles are identified, prioritised and built into
the framework of the ecosystem.

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