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Our work with clients

We are proud of our solutions, and our ability to understand the needs of both participants and ecosystems.

But what matters most is how we actually work with our clients, to deliver success.  Let’s talk and discuss how we can maybe help you too!

On this page we are proud to present just some of our stories of working with clients across the World.

United Kingdom

The UK’s Open Banking Implementation Entity (OBIE) was responsible for creating the first Open Banking ecosystem in the World.  It is still the most advanced.

Open Banking Delivery is proud to have its roots in this experience.

Open Banking Implementation Entity

There was an urgent need to coordinate and support all Banks (ASPSPs) and Fintechs (TPPs) as they worked to go live and achieve their objectives.  Between 2017 and 2020 the founding members of OB Delivery were responsible for addressing this issue.  Between them, the team;

  • Supported, coordinated and reported on the work of all UK Banks in achieving their ‘PSD2 compliance’- essential for participation in the OB ecosystem.
  • Provided individual through-lifecycle support to all registered Fintechs, accelerating their route to live.
  • Created the ‘Transparency Calendar’, a necessary information source for all participants advising on current end point availability and status.
  • Created all required procedures and documentation, handing over to permanent BAU staff in June 2020. We were the first team in OBIE to achieve complete handover.

Following on from the success of this, and the expertise gained, Open Banking Delivery was created in late 2020 to make the team’s expertise available to ecosystems and their participants worldwide.


OB Delivery support a community of around 15 Fintechs (TPPs) in the UK, one of which is Aperidata.  Aperidata specialise in OB-based credit and affordability checks.  They approached us in January 2020 seeking guidance on integration to the UK’s OB ecosystem.  OB Delivery were able to support them with a unique ‘peer-to-peer’ model provided by one of our partners; this dramatically accelerated their onboarding time without any compromise to the quality and variety of data available for their analysis – a critical issue.  Since then, we have introduced them to potential partners interested in integrating their services, and are supporting them in ‘going International’.

​What our customers say…

Andrew Bonsall, CEO Aperidata‘We specialise in credit risk and decisioning and our innovative software maximises the power and opportunity of Open Banking. Since joining their TPP network OB Delivery have provided invaluable assistance at all steps of the product development. The advice has enabled us to deliver our services both more quickly and at lower costs. Anthony has introduced us to potential business partners, and totally understands the value of our products and shares our views on Financial inclusion and making lending decisions better for all. The breadth of their practical expertise in the Open Banking world is unparalleled – you simply wouldn’t get this from anyone who had not been deeply involved with Open Banking since early days. For the future, we are already planning Internationalisation. We would thoroughly recommend Anthony and OB Delivery to any aspiring TPP.’

Confirmation of Payee

Confirmation of Payee (CoP) is a name-checking service that reduces identity fraud by verifying the account name of a payment’s destination.  This service uses Open Banking technology, and OB delivery provide a support and communication service to the 20 or so ecosystem member Banks, third party solution providers and other interested parties.  This service has become known as the ‘go-to’ location for impartial information.


Our ambition in forming Open Banking Delivery was to bring the unique experience gained in the UK to new OB ecosystems as they developed across the World.  Foremost among these is Brazil, which is now the second most advanced eosystem after the UK, and shortly is likely to exceed the UK in size.

By great good fortune, the founder of OB Delivery had previously worked in Brazil, and so it made sense to put extra effort into establishing a foothold there.

We are delighted to say that our efforts are beginning to be rewarded.

Chicago Advisory Partners (Mirow and Co)

Chicago Advisory Partners (previously known as Mirow) are responsible for coordinating the World’s second most advanced OB ecosystem – Brasil.  They are effectively the equivalent of the UK’s OBIE and we are delighted to have been adopted as consultant partners.

We provide a ‘mentorship’ scheme to key personnel, pairing them with experts with relevant OB experience.  This coupling of local, Brasilian expertise and UK knowledge provides a highly cost-effective way of getting core teams up to speed.


Mexico has long been investigating Open Banking, and has very ambitious plans.  Recent legislation has indicated that this could easily become the largest ecosystem ever, in terms of the number of mandated participants.

The opportunities for radical change in the Mexican financial services industry are matched by the challenges…

Inter American Development Bank

With large numbers of mandated participants, the challenges of designing APIs (communication end points) that meet the wide variety of demands are significant.

The Inter American Development Bank (IDB) have engaged OB Delivery to coordinate the design of Phase 3 APIs (credit) and support the development of an advanced Data Dictionary.  This is a vital contribution to ensuring a smooth rollout of these complex services.

International - Innovation

Open Banking Delivery identify and support innovation in Open ecosystems.

We aim to extend the boundaries of what is feasible within an Open ecosystem or delivers exciting new services within an existing framework.  Our team have a long history of doing this – in the UK’s OBIE we supported Nesta’s Open Up Challenge, and created the ‘PISP Development Programme’, providing critical support to innovative payment solutions.

Following on from the support our team gave to the Nesta ‘Open Up‘ challenge, we identify applications in one ecosystem that can be usefully applied in others.  In addition, through the strengths of our partners we support radical new ways of delivering both services and entire ecosystems.

We are also undertaking several research projects of our own:

  • Kiosk Banking – Following initial research, we are forming partnerships and bidding for funding into the application of Kiosk Banking in Latin America and beyond. This is a major contributor to enhanced Financial Inclusion.
  • Green Finance – We are also researching the application of Open Banking ecosystems to enabling Green Finance.  This is a whole new application area.
  • Mojaloop – Integrating Mojaloop and OB ecosystems.
  • Confirmation of Payee – Open Banking Delivery support the UK’s Confirmation of Payee Network, an independent group dedicated to supporting the launch of this vital fraud-prevention service.
  • Rapid Delivery – with our Partners we are developing processes and components that enable TPPs and ASPSPs to integrate with ecosystems at least 4 times faster.

International - Education

Open Banking forces banks towards a fundamental rethink of their traditional banking business model and at the same time enables banking to become more customer centric. Exchanging customer data will create a new eco-system for incumbents and new entrants and will for sure increase competition. More importantly, open banking will facilitate the creation of new products and services that were previously impossible to imagine. The possibilities are innumerable.

See the Education page for more information!