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Open Banking - What's it all about?

Through research, education and partnerships, OB Delivery are dedicated to ‘democratising’ financial services..  Education and understanding are essential to this.  We support this via general and our unique practical training.

We are particularly proud of our ambitions to work with academic institutions, such as the Monterrey Digital Hub in Mexico, helping build the next generation of Open ecosystem experts.

Open Banking forces banks in particular towards a fundamental rethink of their traditional banking business model and at the same time enables banking to become more customer centric. Exchanging customer data will create a new eco-system for incumbents and new entrants and will for sure increase competition. More importantly, open banking will facilitate the creation of new products and services that were previously impossible to imagine. The possibilities are innumerable.

Academic Collaboration

We are dedicated to supporting the research and development of Open ecosystems across the World, based on our lessons learned.  We believe that long term success of an ecosystem is dependent on the skills available for its support and continuing development – especially local skills.

Our academic and ‘for public good’ work includes;

  • Kiosk Banking We believe Kiosk Banking is a key to Financial Inclusion.  Open ecosystems easily reach – indeed are often designed to reach – smartphone owners.  Yet those who would benefit most from Open services don’t have a smartphone, or even a bank account.
    In collaboration with major Kiosk Banking experts and Fintechs we conducted research into the impact such services could have in Chile, Mexico.  Building on existing initiatives such as Mojaloop we were keen to design an ecosystem that achieved significant step changes in quality of service, for example by integrating low cost International remissions and micro-finance.  This continuing project now includes India, bringing in the expertise of Dr Ashima Chopra.
  • Mojaloop  Mojaloop offers a set of open source payment APIs across much of Africa, and yet is little known within the (predominantly European-influenced) Open Finance scene.  We work with academic and commercial experts to help bridge that gap.
  • Sustainability We are  leading a collaboration with multiple organisations in Chile, Switzerland and the UK to bring Open ecosystem technologies to ‘green technology’.  This for us is a very exciting scene.

General Training

Understanding Open Banking developments and how to anticipate them is essential for bankers, regulators, and all key stakeholders in the financial services industry.

We are offer two types of training – general and practical.

The general training provides a solid grounding in the basics of Open Banking, understanding how it works, and the opportunities it brings.

The practical training is customised ‘how to do’ education for practicioners of all types.

This course will not only focus on technology and business changes but also will discuss and lay out scenarios for the future that Open Banking will create. New sources of revenue and new propositions will bring significant advantages. Also innovative banks have a real opportunity to challenge traditional banks looking at, for instance, the customer interface and therefore the customer relationship. The future of banking is far from certain.

These high quality video-based courses feature

  • 12 sessions over 4 weeks
  • Extensive support materials
  • Small class sizes (max 20), to ensure maximum support and engagement
  • Live Q&A sessions with lecturers
  • Networking with both present and past course attendees Worldwide
  • Exclusive offers only through OB Delivery!
    • 12 month ‘Help Desk’ support- raise any question and discuss with experts
    • Monthly Newsletter
    • For the Latin American market – additional support material and an extra Live Q&A session
  • Preview the course here 


  • $195 – Online-only option, with reading materials and certification
  • $495 – Online with virtual classroom sessions plus online, reading materials and certification – next scheduled course June 2021
  • Discounts for groups of 10 or more.  Contact us for details

Interested?  Contact Us for the Course Prospectus!

Practical Training

For practical training, we are creating our own bespoke courses.  These are the World’s First courses on actually creating and running an Open Ecosystem.

Based on ‘lessons learned’ from inside the UK’s OBIE – the most advanced ecosystem in the World.   Available as video, live online, group, individual.  Includes 12 months ‘Help Desk’ support and Monthly Newsletter.*

  • Topics include
    • The general needs of all ecosystems – and how to meet them
    • Determining your specific needs – and how to meet them
    • Funding models – options
    • Participant Support – methods
    • Roadmaps – what to do and what to avoid
    • Trust Frameworks – how they work and how to run them
    • Registration – Options and examples
    • Integrating all participants – getting them working together
    • Driving innovation – methods
    • Knowing your ecosystem – how well are you doing?
    • Common problems – past horror stories and how to avoid them
    • Adapting to change – when the inevitable happens

    *A unique ‘value-add’ service only available for OB Delivery bookings.