Security - the Foundation of Open Banking

Trust and confidence are essential to the success of any Open Banking or Finance initiative.  Without that, participants and users simply will not join.

Ensuring security, and assuring potential participants of security, is therefore fundamental to success.

But security is a complex area, and it is difficult to know where to start.

Open Banking Delivery can help.  Whether Fintech, Bank or ecosystem coordinator, we have World-class expertise available to support you in every step of the way.

We can offer both group training, and one to one consultancy.

In Brasil, training is offered by our partner Carlos Rust, Chief Information Security Officer for Open Banking Brasil.  He is supported by our International experts, Simon Webster and John Wrightson – some of the most experienced security personnel in the World.


Security Training

The group training is suitable for institutions (Fintechs, Banks) who want to know how to securely and confidently adapt to the new World of Open Banking.

Our training courses can be adapted to suit your particular circumstances, but in general we aim to follow the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) model, covering

  • Awareness — giving newcomers a thorough foundation in cyber security
  • Application — in-depth courses for professional development

Throughout, an emphasis is placed on the preactical application of methods to Open Banking.

Interested?  Contact Us for details!

Security Consultancy

If you have a specific need, then our consultancy services can help.

Our World-class experts shall take you along every step of the way to ensure your organisation and services are secure.  Whether large or small, Fintech or Bank, we understand your World!

Of course the advantage of specific consultancy services is simply that we can meet whatever requirements you have.  However, some examples of our recent work may help.

  • How to create a new cyber security function.
  • Planning and preparing for compliance to National standards – e.g. SOC 2, Brasilian Central Bank or OB Brasil.
  • Testing resilience and response to threats.