About Us & Our Partners

Our core team were consultants to UK’s OBIE from its start in 2017 to June 2020 when we successfully handed over to permanent staff.  Our role was to support the delivery of OB to all participants.

We are proud to be partnered with other key capabilities, also predominantly from the UK’s OBIE.  Below are details of:

  • Our People – our core team and representatives in UK, Latin America and Africa
  • Our Partners – world-leading expertise and innovation in ecosystem components
  • Our Associates – key skills and expertise available to support you in all your requirements.

Our role was to support the delivery of OB to all participants in the ‘Central Testing’ team, providing:
▪ Participant support
▪ Testing advice for TPPs and ASPSPs
▪ Coordinating standards implementations
▪ Collaboration with all OB teams
▪ Monitoring and predicting ecosystem growth

An OB implementation is almost impossible to achieve without this type of support.

Based on extensive OB UK experience, we can bring unparalleled ‘lessons learned’ and ‘future possibilities’ to Open Banking initiatives Worldwide.

We support and enable ALL partners to achieve success.

Our People

We firmly believe in a framework of International Expertise supporting Local Knowledge to offer the best of both worlds.  Every member of our team either has deep experience of delivering Open Banking ecosystems and/or extensive local experience gained over many years.

Dr Anthony Evans
Founder, OpenBankingDelivery.com
Northampton, England, UK

  • UK Open Banking Implementation Entity Consultant
  • Non-functional test guidance for all OB participants
  • Created PSD2 stress test compliance strategy for all UK ASPSPs
  • Founder and Manager, ‘PISP Development Programme’ helping key participants realise business propositions in Production
  • Member of OB Technical Design Authority
  • Bringing ‘lessons learned’ and ‘future possibilities’ to Open Banking initiatives Worldwide.
  • Other work:
    • Non Functional Testing
    • Confirmation of Payee (OB Delivery sponsor the CoP Network

Contact: Anthony.Evans@OpenBankingDelivery.com

Maria Soledad Briceño G.
Coordinator of Services for Latin America
Santiago de Chile

  • Over 20 years experience in project management and coordination in Latin America in engineering, IT and marketing
  • Deep experience of applying new technology to financial services
  • Technical sales, introducing technology to new markets
  • International negotiations expert

Contact: Maria.Briceno@OpenBankingDelivery.com

Steffan Van Molendorff
Johannesburg, South Africa

  • UK Open Banking Implementation Entity Consultant
  • Support individual ASPSPs and TPPs from onboarding to Production
  • Management Information (MI) and Data Warehousing expert
  • Open Data standards compliance and verification

Contact: Steffan.VanMolendorff@OpenBankingDelivery.com

Adam Pretlove
London, UK

  • UK Open Banking Implementation Entity Consultant
  • Support individual ASPSPs and TPPs from onboarding to Production
  • Created and maintained the ‘Transparency Calendar‘, essential for ecosystem coordination and support.

Contact:  Adam.Pretlove@OpenBankingDelivery.com

Masud Hussain
London, UK

  • UK Open Banking Implementation Entity – Deputy Head of Testing/IES
  • Organised and ran regular participant Working Groups
  • Monitored and supported test facilities, created sandbox guidelines
  • Contributed to OBIE Operational Guidelines
  • Supported PSD2 implementation via OBIE for ASPSPs
  • Managed AISP and PISP TPP Test and route to live including co-ordinated live proving for v.1-3 API implementations

Contact: Masud.Hussain@OpenBankingDelivery.com

Our Partners

We believe that a complete Open ecosystem (Banking, Finance etc) consists of three essential elements

Identity and Access Management components, for secure and confident transactions between participants

Integration components for ease of TPP and ASPSP engagement in the ecosystem

Security, for underlying confidence, identification and resolution of issues and challenges to the ecosystem

Whilst our methodology is broadly solution-agnostic, we are proud to collaborate closely with the following renowned operators. All have deep expertise in Open Banking, in the UK and elsewhere in the World.


OBConnect have a unique offering, via their ‘Peer to Peer’ model in which the integration components are represented at the participant level. They do not mediate centrally, as do other integrators, using the APIs as defined in the Country’s standards. They are the only integrator able to provide both ASPSP and TPP accelerator modules, typically reducing integration times by 70%.


Obcessr have deep experience of Security in an Open Banking environment, with key founders of the Company working in the UK’s OBIE. They offer security monitoring and alerting (including a unique dark web capability), cyber security assessments, digital forensics and a scalable Security Operations Centre (SOC).

Trust Framework

Raidiam’s Trust Framework enables all participants to securely communicate with confidence.  They developed the UK OBIE’s solution, and have just delivered the first successful Production framework outside the UK, in Brazil.  They are World Leaders.