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About Us & Our Partners

Our core team were consultants to UK’s OBIE from its start in 2017 to June 2020 when we successfully handed over to permanent staff.  Our role was to support the delivery of OB to all participants.

We are proud to be partnered with other key capabilities, also predominantly from the UK’s OBIE.  Below are details of:

  • Our People – our core team and representatives in UK, Latin America and Africa
  • Our Partners – world-leading expertise and innovation in ecosystem components

Our original role was to support the delivery of OB to all participants in the ‘Central Testing’ team, providing:
▪ Participant support
▪ Advice for Fintechs (TPPs) and Banks (ASPSPs)
▪ Ecosystem coordination
▪ Coordinating standards implementations
▪ Collaboration with all OB teams
▪ Monitoring and predicting ecosystem growth

From this initial start we have since grown, and are now active in;
Brasil – supporting Open Banking ecosystem coordination and development
Mexico – Standards design and development
UK – We continue to be active there, supporting a large community of participants
▪ Also in Chile, Peru, South Africa and Saudi Arabia

Based on extensive UK and international experience over many years, we can bring unparalleled ‘lessons learned’ and ‘future possibilities’ to Open initiatives Worldwide.

We support and enable ALL partners to achieve success.

Our People

We firmly believe in a framework of International Expertise supporting Local Knowledge to offer the best of both worlds.  Every member of our team either has deep experience of delivering Open Banking ecosystems and/or extensive local experience gained over many years.

Dr Anthony Evans
Northampton, England, UK

  • Ex UK Open Banking Implementation Entity Consultant.  Member of Technical Design Authority.
  • Founder, OB Delivery, bringing ‘lessons learned’ and ‘future possibilities’ to Open Banking initiatives Worldwide.
  • Consultant to Open Banking authorities in Brazil, Mexico
  • Sponsor of the CoP Network

Maria Soledad Briceño G.
Coordinator of Services for Latin America
Santiago de Chile

  • Over 20 years experience in project management and coordination in Latin America in engineering, IT and marketing
  • Deep experience of applying new technology to financial services
  • Technical sales, introducing technology to new markets
  • International negotiations expert

John Wrightson
Eastern Europe Representative
Kiev, Ukraine

  • Ex UK Open Banking Implementation Entity Consultant.  Responsible for infrastructure operations and security.
  • Coordinator, the Ukraine Open Finance Initiative

Dr Ashima Chopra,
UK Academic Collaboration Lead
Bradford, UK

  • Involved with technological innovation (across three continents) for more than 25 years
  • Specialist in technology in rural communities to build socio-economic growth
  • Regulatory expert, responsible for PSD2 compliance by 5 Banks

Carlos Rust,
Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

  • Consultant and Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), Open Banking Brasil
  • Over 10 years cyber security for business and military services
  • Helped create the telecommunications industry in Brazil.
  • Led the main startup projects of mobile and fixed communications companies in the post-privatization period
  • CEO Rustcon, developed one of the world’s first Hyper-Realistic Attack and Cyber Defense Simulators SIMOC

Our Partners

Whilst our methodology is broadly solution-agnostic, we are proud to collaborate closely with the following renowned operators. All have deep expertise in Open Banking, in the UK and elsewhere in the World.

We believe that a complete Open ecosystem (Banking, Finance etc) consists of three essential elements

Identity and Access Management components, for secure and confident transactions between participants

Integration components for ease of TPP and ASPSP engagement in the ecosystem

Security, for underlying confidence, identification and resolution of issues and challenges to the ecosystem

Consent Management

Inefficient consent management solutions prevent Open Banking participants from being able to effectively manage their data and consents across multiple platforms.

Existing consent management dashboards are poorly designed, difficult to navigate and don’t allow for data processing to be transparency or trusted, going against mandated Customer Experience Principles.

52% of people want more visibility of how their financial data is used after consenting to share it and 42% of people would switch accounts to another bank if they provided a tool to control their data.

Smarter Contract’s Pulse service provides a real-time single view of customer consent and has been designed to minimise 90-day data drop-offs.  End-to-end view of all customer data ensures risk can be managed in real-time.


Successful open data sharing has, at its core, trust, and trust is the bedrock of our approach. Our global, industry-leading systems allow you to be safe and secure in your connections, creating an environment where communication is achieved in an atmosphere of ease, confidence and opportunity.

Raidiam’s Trust Framework (aka ‘Directory) enables all participants to be reliably identified to each other and securely communicate with confidence.  They developed the UK OBIE’s solution, and have just delivered the first successful Production framework outside the UK, in Brazil.  They are World Leaders.

Security (Brazil)

RustCon is certified as a Strategic Defense Company by the Brazilian Ministry of Defense. Since then, we have developed high-complexity technology products such as simulators, critical systems, and command and control platforms.

Our goal is to be a Brazilian world-class management company, able to promote the development of modern tools and solutions for the defense of national interests, including critical infrastructure

Technology Leadership

Webovate develop software and API solutions for some of the largest Fintechs in the UK. They specialise in helping start-ups and fast prototyping utilising AWS Amazon Web Services within the Financial Sector and other markets.

Webovate specialise in innovation – they led the team that designed and developed the World’s first Open Banking functional conformance suite, for the UK’s OBIE.  Their vision, and that of their CEO Glyn Jackson, is parallel to that of OB Delivery.  We see Open Banking as a predominantly social exercise, working to liberate millions of customers, enhancing choice of financial services and bringing in those previously excluded.

Our passion for innovation is dedicated to these goals.

Skills Development

The Brazilian Institute of Digital Finance (IFD) is a not-for-profit organisation with the aim of designing, developing, managing and executing digital finance research projects. To this end, the IFD manages public policies applied to digital finance – such as LIFT Learning -, conducts research, studies and projects applied to innovation and financial technology, provides consultancy and technical opinions on digital business, and produces courses and events on innovation and financial technology.

Software Development

Khmara Solutions is a technology consulting and software development company that combine excellent value for money with deep technical skills. Originally based in Kyiv, Ukraine, they have relocated to Lviv and neighbouring Poland.  Their business lead in Ukraine is English, and all communications are in English.

They specialise in the design, development, operation and support of cloud-based high load Internet services and web applications.

They have deep experience of both UK and Brasilian Open ecosystems.  They are in a good position to support you!  Contact us, and we shall be happy to introduce you.

Here are just a few of their case studies;

Open Banking Brasil

Ecosystem Development and Enhancement

  • Partnership with Raidiam Service Ltd – United Kingdom
  • Conformance Suite Test Development
  • Model Bank Development
  • Full UI/UX development and implementation
  • Also, Open Insurance and Open Energy Development work
  • API Development and integration

Commendation letter available.


US Based Product Development

  • Partnership with US consultancy resulting in outsourced development projects
  • Large messaging application for regional telecoms provider
  • Upgrade and integration of Tax software application for large US Corporation

API Solutions

The Ozone API is a specialist software application which helps banks and financial institutions (account providers) deliver high performing, standards based open APIs quickly, with a low cost of ownership and all the tools to handle the complexities of open banking and open finance.

It has been designed from the ground up to help account providers achieve near instant compliance to open banking / open finance regulations in almost any market. It also enables Third Party Provider (TPP) developers to connect their applications instantly and seamlessly, thereby accelerating innovation and supporting profitable partnerships which deliver customer and revenue growth.


OBConnect have a unique offering, via their ‘Peer to Peer’ model in which the integration components are represented at the participant level. They do not mediate centrally, as do other integrators, using the APIs as defined in the Country’s standards. They are the only integrator able to provide both ASPSP and TPP accelerator modules, typically reducing integration times by 70%.