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How we work...

We are the ‘Process People’- we maximise the potential by enabling all the elements to work together.

We are the ‘oil that makes the machinery work’.  Any Open ecosystem is complex, with potentially thousands of different participants, each with their own ideas,  vision and skills.

Through our extensive experience of the UK’s OBIE, we have worked with Regulators,  Infrastructure providers, Standards Authorities, Third Party Providers, Banks and many others to help create the most successful Open ecosystem in the World.

We are often asked – ‘when is the best time to bring in OB Delivery?  The simple answer is – as soon as possible!  This is because the process – our speciality – of delivering an Open ecosystem runs through the entire lifecycle, from Regulations to Production and beyond.  Therefore, the earlier we can be involved, the greater the potential difference we can make.  as with OB in the UK however, we are also practiced at making the most of any circumstances!

• We leverage our unique methods and expertise via
– National Competent Authorities (e.g. UK’s
– National Implementation Entities
– Software service providers and TSPs
– The ‘Big’ incumbent consultancies
– Public advisory initiatives and trade bodies
• We empower participants locally – to build the expertise where it is most effective .
• Alongside our ecosystem infrastructure partners we can bring unparalleled ‘lessons learned’ and ‘future possibilities’ to Open Banking initiatives Worldwide.

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Latam (Chile):
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