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Why Us?

It’s simple really…

  • Our expertise.  OB Delivery probably have more Open ecosystem delivery expertise than any other Consultancy in the World.  We were specifically created to harness the accumulated knowledge from key participants in the  World’s most successful ecosystem – the UK’s Open Banking Implementation Entity.
  • Our partners.  Just as OB Delivery harness the unique skills of key individuals, so we have partnered with many of the Companies who created the original OB infrastructure.  Since doing so, they have continued to refine products, so what they can provide now is technically more advanced and efficient.  A particular aim has been to ‘commoditise’ their services, enabling an order of magnitude cost and time reduction in delivery.
  • This combination of deep delivery expertise and commoditised services is simply…


Members of

Everything we do aims to be

This is almost impossible to
achieve without support!